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Douglas Deutser

My interest in audio, music and electronics began at a early age. As a child my parents dragged me to the Detroit Symphony on a regular basis. I had a stereo system early on. I built a Heathkit oscilloscope at 13. I have repaired and modified audio equipment most of my life. I had a tri-amped system consisting of double Quad 57's, RTR ESR-6 electrostatic tweeters and a pair of AR 3a's for the woofers when I was 17. In 1972 after graduating high school I got a job as a salesperson at Stereoland (a local Detroit area audio chain). In 1975 I started (with a partner) Audio Dimensions, Michigan's first true "High End" audio shop. We carried lines such as Audio Research, Mark Levinson, Threshold, Magnepan, Quad of England, Rogers, B&W, Dayton Wright, Linn, Oracle, Sota, Stax, Luxman and more. I sold my interest in Audio Dimensions to my partner and became a manufacturer's representative in 1984. Through the years I represented lines such as Discwasher, Denon, B&W, Audioquest, Velodyne, Threshold, Krell, Adcom, MIT. I retired from being a rep in 2005. My isolation foot idea started in 1983 and I sold isolation bases with my pneumatic isolation feet to my friends. Discwasher had interest in my feet but during talks Discwasher was purchased by Esmark and management was replaced. It wasn't till 2016 that some friends (Jeff Miller and David Goldstein) saw some old prototypes during a visit to my home and thought that this would be a great product. Pneuance Audio was born.

Jeff Miller

My experience in the audio field started in college. I modified and improved radios for professors. I also built and modified audio amplifiers and pre-amplifiers for my own satisfaction. After college, I worked as a salesman for Schaak Electronics, a small audio chain. I learned retail and how to sell to picky customers. I decided to leave and open my own high end retail shop (Arthur’s Audio) from 1988-2014. I sold ultra high end audio products. Some of the products I sold were MFA, Soundlabs, Totem, Creek, Timbre Technology, ESP Loudspeakers, Conrad Johnson, VTL, VAC, Aesthetix, Basis, Graham, CAT, Presence Audio, Absolare, Audioprism, Grado, Clearaudio, Meadowlark, Wireworld, Cardas, Nordost, and Audiovecter. Even as home theater became more popular I retained my passion for two channel audio. A few years later I decided that I wanted to be in the audio manufacturing business. I knew David Goldstein for years as I sold his Timbre TT-1 DAC's. I also knew Doug Deutser as an audio manufacturer's rep. I introduced David to Doug and the rest became history.


David Goldstein

Since my part-time after-school job in the mid-sixties, picking orders at Lafayette Radio's Headquarters in Syosset, NY to the present, I have been involved in nearly every facet of the electronics and manufacturing  worlds. I moved on to a decade of designing sound-activated lighting and related products for national companies such as Spencer Gifts and Radio Shack during the Psychedelic to Disco eras. I may deserve praise, or not, for the first home use plastic mirrored Disco Ball. A gift of a Hafler Amp and Pre-amp from their assembly sub-contractor with whom I worked (modified soon after of course), ignited my long quest for high end audio nirvana. Coupled with a prized pair of Allison One's I was hooked. In the early 80's I started an electronic components rep firm handling PC boards, connectors, capacitors, assemblies and some of the world's finest transformers, wound in the Caribbean. As a member of the prestigious Philadelphia  Audio Society, in the early 90's I met an electrical engineer whose breadboard DAC inspired me to establish Timbre Technology.  Combined with my sculptured, vibrationally damped case, the TT-1 DAC with its analog-like musically engaging sound gained acclaim with both manufacturers at shows and audiophiles alike. Many, including my own TT-1, are still in use today. Post Timbre for the last 18 years, I have been Source Development and Design Manager for a small U.S. defense products manufacturer. As their M*A*S*H's "Radar" I locate difficult-to-find components, processes  and vendors from our sadly dwindling domestic manufacturing base. Last year lightning struck again. As Jeff said, I met Doug whose prototype pneumatic isolation foot triggered an immediate Al Pacino: "Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in" moment. We then formed Pneuance Audio. After much hard work we're proud to present our Pneupod NP-1, with more to come...

Pneuance Audio Products are Proudly Made in the USA


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